What is STARS?

STARS (Simplified Tracking Award Recognition System) is a unique approach to choice award programs which combines the advantages of a symbolic recognition program with a contemporary flair and is supported by the industry’s most advanced web based administration system.

STARS provides all the tools necessary to manage a successful recognition program and provide the recipient a gratifying award experience.

STARS provides the communication brochure packaging needed to make the presentation a memorable experience. STARS’ administrative solutions are provided by E-Admin, which is a 24/7 Internet based ordering and reporting system. STARS also provides presentation training via the Internet and helps launch award programs through its program awareness campaigns.

The fundamental principal behind STARS is the “recipient’s choice.” Each employee is empowered to choose their award from a pre-selected ensemble of merchandise that includes gifts for the home and office, fashion jewelry, watches, tools, and outdoor lifestyles.

Advantages of STARS:

  • Pre-Designed or Print-On-Demand Choice Program
  • Solves the corporate struggle of logo vs. no logo
  • Complete Program Flexibility
  • Cost Effective
  • Ease of Administration
  • Customer Care
  • High Impact Presentation
  • Promotes Meaningful Presentations

recognition_awards“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” The presentation packet should be representative to the achievement of the individual. We offer two distinctive brochure communication packets; the Flat Anniversary Packet and the Deluxe Presentation Box. Each communication piece provides personalized information for the specific individual and event.

The Deluxe Presentation Box promotes a stronger presentation by providing an immediate commemorative gift as well as the award selection pages. STARS offers preprinted awards selection pages as well as fully customized print-on-demand selection pages.

employee_service_awardsAward selections are divided into two distinctive categories;
Commemorative and Contemporary awards.

Commemorative gift selections are awards of intrinsic value and are chosen for their continuity and quality. Each Commemorative award carefully contains a symbolic medallion that displays your company’s corporate identity. The corporate logo becomes an integral component of the award, not a glue on attachment.

Contemporary gifts provide a more lifestyle solution for your recipients. These awards are not corporately identified and are from well-known brands with high-perceived value.

recognition_medallionsThe symbolic medallions are plated in 23K Gold or Silver for a lifetime of use.

The medallion contains your corporate identity and is an integral component of the award…not a glue-on attachment.Every award in the Commemorative gift collection has been designed and hand assembled to incorporate the medallion.

e-Admin is an 24/7 innovative method for turning administrative problems into simple efficient program solutions. A technology driven system, the web based e-Admin provides a full complement of services that will enhance your entire recognition program though simplified administration.

e-Admin provides web tools for:

  • Online ordering and order status
  • Budgeting and product usage reporting
  • Data uploading and manipulation
  • Total program reporting and analysis
No award program is complete without successfully communicating and training your employees and managers. STARS provides all the tools necessary to make the program a complete success from:

  • Posters
  • Payroll Stuffers
  • On-line presentation training guides
  • Announcement letters
  • News articles
  • Award selections for all employees to view via Intranet or Internet
Take The Headache Out Of Employee Recognition Programs