recognition_pinsetsStrategic Incentives is proud to introduce KISS and KISS Lite (Keep it Simple Service), a simplified approach to recognition programs. KISS provides a strong impact presentation of a pre-selected award. KISS Lite is an on-time recognition concept that allows you to recognize the recipient at the time of the achievement by providing a strong impact presentation of a pre-selected award.

The program offers multiple price levels of customized awards from $10.00 to $150.00. Each award is specifically chosen for its intrinsic value and to provide a symbolic reminder of the recipient’s accomplishments.

The symbolic awards are customized with a gold or silver medallion designed to the specific event or accomplishment. Each award also carries a lifetime warranty and is not a price comparable gift in the retail marketplace.


  • Identify the Need
  • Select the Recipients
  • Choose and present the Award
  • Simple Service

KISS is perfect for:

  • Early service recognition anniversaries
  • Training Awards
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Sales Achievement Awards
  • Attendance Awards
  • Safety and Safe Driving Awards
  • Corporate Anniversary
  • Welcome Awards
  • Suggestion Awards
Take The Headache Out Of Employee Recognition Programs