We want to help you create a culture of recognition for your organization. This can set the foundation for employees to thrive and help you achieve your business objectives. With our flexible solutions, you can easily and quickly implement high-impact performance programs within your budget — whatever your recognition needs may be.  We offer solutions based on a number of recognition opportunities, but can also customize a solution specific to your needs. Read on to learn about some of the programs available to jump-start your workforce.

Raise Employee Engagement

One of today’s most critical HR challenges is improving employee engagement. Do you have the tools necessary to communicate your organization’s desired behaviors for success and address your workforce’s engagement?  Celebrating the employees who embrace and demonstrate those behaviors and engage with the organization will drive results that you’ll want to maintain over the long term. Using positive reinforcement within a recognition program can help change the way employees perform while helping them stay engaged.  Boosting engagement and sustaining it requires ongoing effort, with strategies and programs to support it. We can help your organization figure out ways to improve employee engagement using tools like peer-to-peer recognition or spot recognition, or creating a custom program aligned with your organization’s strategy for long-term success.

Drive Organizational Performance

Your people are at the center of your organization. They have the power to help grow the business by implementing strategic initiatives. Linking your core values and business strategy to organizational culture will help connect and encourage the work habits needed to succeed.  To drive organizational performance, we can help you put in place a recognition program that:  1. Sets clear expectations  2.  Provides continuous feedback 3. Manages course correction 4.  Delivers encouragement 5.  Recognition programs help bring teams together by celebrating what they do right. It rewards them for taking advantage of opportunities while achieving the greatest results and moving toward a common goal.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Finding the right talent can be a challenge for any organization, but keeping it can be an even bigger one. As their tenure with your organization grows, employees become more and more valuable. With the right investment in development, you can improve bottom-line results, attract and retain the right talent, boost performance, and increase organizational productivity.

  • Improved employee productivity and morale
  • Fewer accidents and claims
  • Better insurance premiums
  • Reduced employee absences or SAT (Safety, Absences, and Turnover)

Productivity — Driving Employee Success

When employees know that they contribute to company success, they are more likely to become motivated to perform at levels that exceed job expectations. Recognition helps build engagement, which in turn improves performance and results in higher productivity.

Peer-to-peer Recognition — Placing the Power of Recognition Into Their Hands

Empowering employees to recognize their peers quickly reinforces positive behaviors. Over time this creates a more connected workforce where employees genuinely care for one another. These engaged connections form a recognition culture — a fabric of the organization woven strong enough to do more and hold more weight.

Spot Recognition — Giving Credit When Credit Is Due

Psychologists know that behavior is shaped by the consequences, both good and bad. Through our programs for spot recognition, we help you identify and then reward positive behavior in a timely fashion.

Flexible, points-based solution — customize the program to meet your company’s unique needs
Physical or interactive awards — whether you need physical recognition cards or a Web-based solution, we make it easy to activate, manage and track points
Immediate Web redemption — points can be used immediately or accumulated over time and redeemed online for a variety of awards

Special Awards — Multiplying the Impact

While every recognition moment does not call for a public presentation, a special reward and how it is presented can make all the difference. The value of an award is magnified when presented properly, like adding an exclamation point to the person’s achievement.

Add a special touch to your program by working with our own manufacturing facility and in-house award designers to craft something truly unique, such as men’s and women’s fashion jewelry with your company logo or custom-designed awards.

Wellness — Blazing a Healthy Path to the Bottom Line

A healthier workforce is a more productive workforce, so it makes sense to encourage wellness. We’ll show you how to offer incentives which reward healthy lifestyles, thus reducing healthcare costs and absenteeism all the while improving employee productivity.

Excellent Job Performance — Everyone, Everywhere, Every Time

Recognition is best when given regularly and immediately, not just with end-of-the-year rewards. We can show you how to highlight individual contributions on an ongoing basis, easily and effectively.

Peer-to-peer RecognitionStrategic Incentives provides your company with a simplified approach to recognition programs. We provide a strong impact presentation of a pre-selected award. We also offer an “on-time” recognition concept that allows you to recognize the recipient at the time of the achievement by providing a strong impact presentation of a “spot” award (on the spot recognition).

The program offers multiple price levels of customized awards from $10.00 to $150.00. Each award is specifically chosen for its intrinsic value and to provide a symbolic reminder of the recipient’s accomplishments.


  • Identify the Need
  • Select the Recipients
  • Choose and present the Award
  • Simple Service

Perfect for:

  • Onboarding
  • Training Awards
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Sales Achievement Awards
  • Attendance Awards
  • Safety and Safe Driving Awards
  • Corporate Anniversary
  • Welcome Awards
  • Suggestion Awards
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