Recognition ranks very high on an employee’s list of needs; If they feel valued, talented workers will go to the ends of the earth to help you succeed.

Peer Recognition Programs

Our strategic Recognition Programs help companies recognize and reward people for their contributions towards advancing business objectives – both as a team and as individuals – by:

  • Creating goodwill towards the company, its management, product/service and co-workers
  • Improving company and division performance
  • Reinforcing behavior that supports an organization’s Mission, Vision, Goals and Values
  • Focusing employees on strategic priorities that produce business results
  • Identifying “role models” for employees to emulate
  • Nurturing peer approval and respect
  • Improving employee attitude, morale and retention
  • Instilling a sense of empowerment and accountability
  • Providing a forum for employees to thank co-workers for contributions that exceed job expectations
Customer Satisfaction Programs

Customers are one of a company’s most valuable assets; and their perception of that company is largely based on their perception and experiences with its employees Our Customer Satisfaction programs focus on the performance and service of employees who have direct contact with customer by:

  • Identifying and recording customer expectations
  • Increasing customer confidence
  • Retaining customers by providing exceptional levels of service
Productivity & Quality Campaigns

Our Productivity & Quality Campaigns are able to redress operational imbalances and enhance work processes involving a company’s:

  • Sales people
  • Dealers
  • Distributors
  • Office workers
  • Factory workers
  • Middle management
  • Adopting a strong methodological approach, these work processes are examined and evaluated against a set of agreed standards – which, in turn, are benchmarked against the client’s industry as a whole.

The result? Strategic Incentives can help maximize a company’s performance on a long-term basis, through increased revenue and reduced cost.

Take The Headache Out Of Employee Recognition Programs