It Takes More Than Luck To Motivate Employees

It Takes More Than Luck To Motivate Employees


Motivate EmployeesSome companies go to great lengths when trying to increase sales or motivate employees. They sometimes try using performance reviews and sales quotas, or threatening disciplinary action for negative behavior, but their efforts often seem to come up short. Other companies hope their ability to find workforce solutions will be influenced by a lucky hire.

At Strategic Incentives we know that employee motivation takes a lot more than a little luck. It takes a comprehensive performance improvement plan that sets out a clear course of action and rewards employees appropriately for their participation in meeting the set goals. Raises, bonuses, and promotions can go a long way towards keeping employees involved and engaged, but rewards programs provide the extra push to encourage over-the-top loyalty and effectiveness.

Our promotional ideas can be used to create a culture of recognition within your organization, and set the foundation for your employees to thrive. Instead of counting on lucky choices, rely on programs from Strategic Incentives which can be utilized to jump-start your workforce, including:

  • Increase Employee Engagement: With a more distracted workforce, generational clashes, and ongoing economic pressures, Human Resources departments often find themselves scratching their heads to find ways to keep Motivate Employeesemployees on point and increase engagement. Employee incentives can be used to help frame behaviors and reward those employees for performing in the most effective manner.
  • Improve Organizational Performance: To survive, compete and grow, today’s corporations must constantly look for ways to improve organizational performance. Employees are at the heart of these efforts. Their buy-in can give a company the ability to successfully implement strategic initiatives that lead to increased sales or improved performance. An employee recognition program can be used to set expectations, provide feedback, manage course corrections, and recognize outstanding performance.
  • Uphold Safety Standards: Sometimes safety concerns can get lost in the rush to improve performance. Setting and upholding safety standards insures the safety of the team and minimizes time lost to injury. Our safety incentives can be used to help remind employees of the need to maintain a safe workplace environment, and keep them focused on precautions they need to take to insure their own safety as well as that of their co-workers.
  • Pump Up Sales: In sales-driven organizations, it can be hard to keep up the necessary enthusiasm for making calls and getting sales. Our sales incentives can help your sales team keeps its eyes on the prize.

When it comes to workplace motivation don’t just get lucky, get strategic!

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About Strategic Incentives: Located in Santa Barbara CA, Strategic Incentives is a leading provider of full-service incentive marketing and performance improvement solutions. The company provides safety incentives, sales incentives, employee motivation programs, promotional ideas and workforce solutions. Visit the website at to download articles on employee incentives. “Like” the Facebook page to receive regular updates on rewards programs. Call 888-686-8116 for more information on sales incentive programs and loyalty programs.

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