3 Strategies Worth Implementing To Hit Your 2014 Goals

3 Strategies Worth Implementing To Hit Your 2014 Goals
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2014 is coming to an end and sometimes it’s hard to believe just how quickly the year can pass. This previous year has been an exciting one for Strategic Incentives, as we’ve had the chance to meet with many new clients to help them boost employee productivity and increase customer loyalty. With the holiday season upon us, we’d like to extend our warm wishes to you and your family. Be safe this holiday season, and be sure to finish 2014 on a winning note.

If your company is falling behind with your 2014 goals, you only have a short period of time to hit those marks. If it’s been a tough year for your brand, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up hope when it comes to exceeding the goals that you’ve set in place. Instead, there are still plenty of strategic performance improvement plan options that will motivate your staff to end the year. By promoting your brand and getting the most out of December, you can close out the year strong and hit 2015 running.

Trying to implement changes at the end of the year can be difficult, but it’s often something that will be beneficial for everyone in your company. The good news is that you won’t even have to implement too many drastic changes, if instead you look to motivate your employees through benefits and compensation. Here are 3 strategies that will boost customer and employee motivation as you try to hit your 2014 goals.

1. Holiday Rewards

With the holidays upon us, all of your employees are probably getting a bit antsy and excited for time off with their family. In order to boost their morale, you can consider implementing holiday rewards for your employees. Rewards programs will not only boost employee morale and increase their motivation, but it’ll also help to build loyalty as well. There is nothing more frustrating than having to take time in the first quarter of a new year to hire new employees because old ones have left the firm. Therefore, ensuring employee happiness and motivation with incentive programs in the form of holiday rewards will help you keep your core group of employees strong.

2. Annual Awards

Employees love being recognized for their efforts and hard work. As you begin planning team building ideas for your annual holiday party, consider including awards that offer employee recognition. With the use of recognition awards, employees will know that they are appreciated. In addition, these awards are the type of incentive programs that will motivate other employees in the coming year. Nobody wants to be left out of being recognized for their efforts, which is why everyone will work hard in 2015 to ensure that they are seen as a valuable part of the team.

3. Remember Your Clients

Don’t forget that your employees aren’t the only ones that can benefit from holiday rewards either. Instead, you can also promote a loyalty program for your customers that offer holiday rewards. The end of the year is a great time for giving, and customer loyalty programs are a wonderful way to promote your brand. If your customers feel appreciated enough, then you’ll notice that 2015 starts off in a fantastic way for your brand.

Q: If things aren’t going well with my business, is a change management plan the only option to fix things?  

A: Accepting that your business isn’t doing something right is a big step. It’s also a realization that will benefit you in the long run as well. If you need to change things up, then a new management plan may be best for your business. By implementing a change management plan, you’ll be able to shake up your company and make sure that everyone is doing what is best for the company.

Q: Why do customer loyalty programs benefit businesses?

A: In today’s economy, every customer is incredibly important. And with plenty of other businesses out there vying for their attention, you need to ensure that you do all that you can to persuade your target market. With customer loyalty programs, your clients will feel more attached to you. In addition, offering additional benefits will entice them to continue relying on your company whenever they need a service or product that you offer.

Strategic Incentives is dedicated to helping businesses increase sales and productivity. With a variety of different implementation options, every business will find something that works for them. To learn more about Strategic Incentives, visit our new website at http://www.strategicincentives.com/.

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Happy employees are productive employees. Therefore, it is very important to develop employee motivation programs to sustain the productivity of a company. It is also more economical to invest in existing employees than to always train new employees as a result of fast turnovers among unmotivated workers. Thanks for the tips.

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