Happy Thanksgiving from Strategic Incentives!

Happy Thanksgiving from Strategic Incentives!

Happy thanksgiving from Strategic IncentivesOn Thanksgiving we take a moment to tell family members how much they mean to us, and do the same with our business partners as well. Without employees who work hard and safely all year, and customers who buy products, businesses would not be able to grow and compete.

At Strategic Incentives we think Thanksgiving is the perfect time to say “thanks” to all of those who have helped your business success. Whether you are looking for sales incentives, safety incentives, or employee recognition programs for a job well done, our team of workforce solutions experts can help. If you are looking for promotional ideas or loyalty programs for customers, we offer a wide variety of options. For companies that are already looking ahead to next year, be sure to talk to us about a performance improvement plan that will help keep employees and your company on track.

Contact Strategic Incentives today at 888-686-8116, and let us create and facilitate an effective employee motivation program for your business. We’ll help take your company to improved levels in sales, marketing, quality, loyalty, change management, and customer satisfaction.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Strategic Incentives Family to Yours


Do Incentive Programs Really Motivate Employees?

Do Incentive Programs Really Motivate EmployeesEver since Maslow developed his hierarchy of needs, business managers have worried about how to retain and motivate employees. They often wonder whether employee incentives are effective. The truth is that inconsistent and poorly thought-out sales incentive programs, or other types of employee rewards programs, can damage morale. Fortunately, your company doesn’t have to worry about that with employee motivation programs from Strategic Incentives. We work with your company to develop a program that will provide many benefits such as:

  • Increased Loyalty: Employee turnover costs money in down time, recruiting, and training. Employers who show their appreciation for what their employees do are more likely to build bonds that will keep employees who perform quality work.
  • Improved Motivation: It can be difficult performing repetitious tasks or continuously meeting business goals. A rewards program can be used to keep employees on track towards meeting their goals.
  • Better Safety Record: Companies that use safety incentives are more likely to experience fewer compensation claims and sick days due to on-the-job accidents.
  • Higher Sales: Presenting a product or service to prospective customers can be demoralizing due to high levels of sales resistance. Sales incentives keep sales personnel focused on the goal, and provide the necessary inspiration to take their efforts to the next level.
  • Teamwork: Employees from different areas may find it hard to find common ground when working together on a project. If they are all committed to meeting the requirements of a performance improvement plan, they are more likely to learn how to overcome any differences and will move forward as a group.
  • Employee Engagement: Employees in companies without an incentive program may feel disengaged from management and corporate executives. They are unsure how their actions play a part in overall company success. Employee incentives bring these people into the fold, and help to convince them that their efforts are crucial to overall success.

In some companies, such as banks and grocery stores, the lowest paid employees have the highest amount of customer contact. Their interactions can keep or lose customers. Assembly line workers can impact the proper operation of the end product. Total workforce solutions from Strategic Incentives permeate throughout an organization from customer contact and manufacturing, through sales and marketing, right up to executive levels. Call us today at 888-686-8116, and let us create an employee motivation program that motivates everyone in your organization.

Workforce Solutions Q&A with Strategic Incentives

Workforce SolutionsHow can performance incentives help my business grow? Performance incentives are primarily used to impact three areas of your organization. Our workforce solutions reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve safety. Channel solutions can help your sales staff and/or suppliers increase sales and market share, introduce new products, or improve the product mix. Customer solutions are designed to reduce the cost of the sale and expand the customer base. 

What is premiere recognition? These programs are designed to raise employee engagement, drive organizational performance, attract and retain top talent, promote employee success, and encourage peer-to-peer recognition. They are especially effective for promoting wellness programs which reward healthy lifestyles, which reduces healthcare costs and absenteeism, while simultaneously improving employee productivity levels.

Why should my business invest in promotional marketing? Promotional products get your company’s name out there in front of current and prospective business customers, fully supporting your marketing and sales strategies. At Strategic Incentives we evaluate your audience and marketing objectives, develop an effective theme and detailed plan of action, search our database to determine imprinted items that will best execute your plan, and oversee the success of your promotional plan from start to finish.

Happy Thanksgiving from Strategic Incentives

Take The Headache Out Of Employee Recognition Programs


Very timely… most people believe in good karma. For this, and other deeper reasons, successful companies and individuals make it a point to give back whether to the community or in any form of workforce solutions. When it comes to running a business, the workforce (truly is) among the main wheels in the mechanics that keeps businesses thriving. Thus, whatever means of employee motivation – from employee recognition, sales incentives, safety incentives, loyalty programs, promotional ideas, and other performance improvement plan put in place is due and helps to sustain excellence in the company.

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