3 Ways to Increase Performance Through Incentives

3 Ways to Increase Performance Through Incentives

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Strategic Incentives offers the latest in employee motivation and incentive programs to assist clients in improving workplace performance.

Although incentive industry research consistently proves that implementing programs to reward employees is effective at helping to retain quality talent and boosting workplace morale, one question we often receive is how to increase performance through incentives. Our motivation specialists are happy to work with you to develop a customized performance improvement plan, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Performance Goals: One type of incentive rewards employees for basic job performance. Most employees like to feel validated for consistently performing their job correctly. These are little perks that can be distributed to employees at certain periods throughout the year to acknowledge the work they are doing and thank them for being part of the organization. These rewards may come in the form of debit cards or smaller personalized reward items, but they are usually based on factors such as achieving quarterly productivity goals, maintaining safety standards, attaining consistent attendance levels, meeting wellness standards, or upholding customer satisfaction standards.

2. Outstanding Achievement: From time to time the company may wish to set a specific goal which will require a more significant effort on the part of employees. This could include reaching new sales goals, landing a key client, or getting an unusually large order delivered to the client on time and on budget. To help assure that the goal will be met, this type of motivation program requires a more significant reward that will motivate employees to go above and beyond. An appropriate recognition might include some type oftravel rewards, or digital items such as a Fitbit, television, or smartphone.

3. Premiere Recognition: There are certain employees whose continued quality performance is crucial to an organization’s success. These employees need to be well-motivated in order to ensure their enthusiasm and retention with the company. This might include cash bonuses and rewards, as well as significant non-monetary rewards.

When employees can depend on the fact that they will be rewarded appropriately for their ongoing contributions to the company’s success, they are more likely to become motivated to perform at levels that exceed routine job expectations. Strategic Incentives works with clients to create workplace recognition programs which help build engagement, which in turn improves performance and results in higher productivity and profitability.

With our flexible solutions, clients can implement high-impact performance programs within a specified budget, whatever the recognition needs may be. Contact us today at 888-686-8116 to learn more about customizing a specific solution to increase workplace performance through incentives.
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