12 Conversation Starters to Increase Employee Engagement

12 Conversation Starters to Increase Employee Engagement

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One goal of a dynamic, goal-oriented organization should be to have employees that are engaged, enthusiastic, and motivated. Strategic Incentives has plenty of solid incentive programs to help with the motivation end of things, but how do you create engagement with employees?

Unfortunately, most companies simply don’t have engagement high on their list of priorities. According to Gallup in fact, there is an engagement crisis. Although their research shows that companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in EPS, they also concluded that “a staggering 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged.”

So where can a business start to build engagement? Given the different demographic groups that supervisors and managers have to deal with – Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Generation Xers – gathering impressions and employee motivation keys can be complex. Try to get employees engaged by talking about their ideas, and by asking open-ended questions. Don’t form any judgments on the responses; just listen and take in the information. Try not to get defensive if you hear something negative; ask probing questions instead to find out more.

Here are 12 conversation starters that will help build employee engagement:

1. What is a quality you admire most with our company?
2. What is a quality we lack in as a company?
3. What can we do to make the workplace more enjoyable?
4. What could we do to improve our communications with employees and customers?
5. Are we doing anything that hurts our customer relationships?
6. What can we do to make our customer experience better?
7. Tell me what excites you most about your job here, and what parts of your job don’t you find fulfilling?
8. What can we do to assure projects are completed effectively and in a timely manner?”
9. What kind of rewards do you think would be most effective to motivate you and improve performance?
10. What types of  training or opportunities can we provide that will make you more effective at your job?
11. What skills do you have that could best contribute to the organization, but are being underutilized?
12. What attributes do you provide that will be beneficial to our brand?

An engagement conversation is best when it is conducted as a dialogue between two people who have the company’s best interests at heart. This is not the time to offer criticism or direction, but to gather insights and build enthusiasm.

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“An engagement conversation is best when it is conducted as a dialogue between two people who have the company’s best interests at heart.” This article has raised a very crucial point here. Instead of giving a pep talk, employee motivation is more effective when done through a dialogue.

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